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21 Aug 3 Traits Every Great Business Leader Has

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

There are leaders who inspire us, they set great examples for us to follow, and from them we become better at EOS System 3 Traits Every Great Business Leader Haswhat we do on the job – and become better human beings in the process. Think of a leader you’ve had in your life. What characteristics did they have? While everyone will have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, great business leaders all have some things in common, including these three traits.


Fearlessness is absolutely vital when it comes to leadership. A fearless leader will stare reality right in the face, even if it is uncomfortable or painful. They move quickly, forging ahead, acting even when it means dealing with uncertainty. They do what is necessary to advance their company and keep it moving and growing. In fact, most leaders see comfort as an indication that the company is in a rut, that the business and people are not growing – then they take steps to change it. 

Larry Page is an exceptional example of a fearless leader. Over the years he has taken a little internet company called Google through some very rough waves as well as some over calm, gentle seas. He has handled the criticism with a fearless, thick skinned demeanor and pressed on regardless of what the critics say. He knows what is best for his company and no one can sway him from that course. 


Accountability is another trait of great leaders. It is important as an entrepreneur as well as a leader to be accountable and own up to your mistakes. A lack of accountability leads to a decline in ethics, quality control issues, ineffective work practices, and low employee morale. A lack of accountability can kill a company. 

In the journalism world where the integrity of a publications sits squarely on the shoulder of the accuracy of the reporting, printing misinformation can be detrimental. Such is the case with Devon Smith, a 21 year old managing editor of Onward State, a small website run by students. When Joe Paterno, former Peen State coach was in the hospital and nearing death, the site posted that he had passed away. Turns out, he had not passed and 21 year old Smith sucked it up and showed that he was indeed a fearless leader displaying incredible maturity, professionalism, and accountability in the letter he posted on the site. 

Has a Clear Company Vision

From using an EOS system or business management system to inspiring an entire staff to increase production, great business leaders have a clear company vision and they know how to nurture it. It is extremely important that a leader fully understand the company vision because it is that vision that tells where the company is going. Without a vision, a business will become stagnant, never growing, never going anywhere. Great leaders are what propel the growth by maintaining the vision with a contagious passion that sweeps through the organization, getting people excited and motivated. 

Internet pioneer, Jeff Bezos, took his little company and turned it into an ecommerce giant that is now a household word. This was uncharted territory when Bezos began, but he held true to his vision of the company, inspiring others and motivating his team. The result is the go to website that nearly everyone goes to when shopping online – Amazon. 

Leaders inspire and motivate, but they must also have these three traits in order to survive in the highly competitive, cut-throat business world. Without fearlessness, accountability, and a clear company vision, they can’t grow their company into an ethical, respected organization with motivated, loyal employees. It simply will not work any other way.

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