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05 Jun Accountability Skills for Building a Better Business

Posted at 2:11:53 PM by Chris Hallberg

Experienced business owners understand that accountability is the cornerstone of a well-designed business Business Management System for Accountability Skillsmanagement system. Simply telling people they are being held accountable and delivering motivational talks is not enough. A certified EOS implementer can show you how to build accountability into a business management system that includes the following components: 

Results Oriented 

Clearly define the results you expect people to produce and how you want them delivered. Make sure everyone in the company has a goal sheet with clearly defined goals including how you will measure their progress against these goals. A sales person, for example, may have a goal of 10 new accounts per year and a specified dollar amount of revenue he or she is expected to deliver.

Honesty and Transparency

Make sure your employees clearly understand the reason for their goals and how they contribute to the overall success of the company. Every employee has a need to know at some level and it is your responsibility to keep them informed about anything that may impact their ability to accomplish their mission.


Work to instill a sense of trust among team members at all levels. When your employees know you “have their back, ”they will go the extra mile for you every time. Trust starts at the top and you need to make sure that you stand behind everything you say and do. “Walk the walk” and your employees will pattern themselves after you. 

Clear Vision

Set a clear direction for the company. Have your mission statement prominently posted where employees can see it every day. If they see it believe it and internalize it, they will have a vested interest in the success of the company and themselves.

Problem Solving Expertise

Give your teams the skills they need to get the job done. Invest in training and ask them what more they need. Provide them with problem solving skills and help them understand when and how to ask for help. 


Most employees genuinely want to do their best and they want to help the company succeed. Let them know what success looks like for them and for the company. If you want them to be accountable, they need to understand the “rules of engagement.“ 

Embrace Change

Look for new ways of doing things and encourage everyone else to do the same. Just because we always did it that way does not make it right. 


Encourage cooperation within groups and across the entire company. Make sure everyone understands how the sum of the parts is always greater than the efforts of any single individual. 


The EOS (R) system is designed to deliver Real Simple Results. It’s all about creating a strong vision, attracting and leading great people, measuring for success, identifying and implementing the key performance indicators (KPS’s), systemizing your business for consistent results and staying the course with Traction. A certified EOS implementer can help you build accountability into your business management system.

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