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19 Feb 3 Reasons Why You Didn’t Reach Your 2015 Business Goals

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

As a business owner or corporation, having business goals to give you focus is key. What are business goals? small business coach adviceBusiness goals are objectives and benchmarks you are striving to reach that are designed to move your company forward and help define the processes needed to be successful. If an organization does not have defined goals to reach, this helps foster an environment where there are unproductive employees with no accountability. Your vision should drive your goals, assisting your management team in carrying out the vision of the organization. If you are not meeting those goals, there are three reasons why:


You were not realistic

Any goal you set must be realistic enough to attain. For instance, if you set a goal to earn 2 million from digital marketing but the year before you made a quarter of that, the goal is not realistic. You should begin small, like increasing your monthly income by twenty-five percent. Once you set and reach the first goal, you can work toward reaching the larger ones.


You were not specific

You have a better chance of reaching your goal if it is specific. For instance, you should have a goal of acquiring at least 20 new customers by a certain month, rather than saying you want to increase your customer base.


You were not committed

If you are forgetting goals you have already defined, that means you do not have a strong commitment to them. You must write your goals down and get everyone in the organization on board. Your management team should work together to determine the activities and goals that must be accomplished.


Having goals is an essential factor in the growth of your business model. It helps define processes, what certain positions should be doing, who should be held accountable, and whether or not you have the resources you need to accomplish those tasks. Using a small business coach to help your management team define your strategic goals will make a huge difference in the way your company operates. Once those goals are established, the EOS system will put things into perspective for your management team to help them work cohesively toward those goals and eventually increase your revenue.


Knowing when your organization needs direction is the first step in getting things in order, and utilizing a small business coach is an important line of defense. For more information on how a small business coach who utilized the EOS system that can help your organization, call the team at Traction, Inc. today!


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