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09 Oct Maximizing your return on managers

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

When getting your business operations in order, utilizing an entrepreneurial operating system can assist in Entrepreneurial Operating Systemevaluating your infrastructure, finding your issues and getting everyone on the same page to move the vision forward. Having a managerial team that fully embraces the vision is an essential component of being able to successfully carry it out. How can this be accomplished? 

  • Train all leaders on how to differentiate employee performance.

When organizations invest the time in providing managers with guidelines, training and opportunities to discuss different scenarios as it pertains to finding the right talent, their managerial decisions are more targeted and effective. The EOS model sets KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for individual roles through 5-5-5 evaluations. The EOS process has six key components: vision, people, data, issues, process and traction. These are all used to systemize your business, get your managers in order, bring discipline and accountability to the forefront, and make your vision real. 

  • Keep processes, tools and technology simple.

It is important to provide easy-to-use tools that offer a clear and immediate value to managers. An EOS provides these processes, tools and technology through their system that utilizes the Six Key Components of a successful business. The tools and processes include The Meeting Pulse, The Five Leadership Abilities, The Issues Solving Track, The 8 Cash Flow Drivers, The People Analyzer, Delegate and Elevate, and The Accountability Chart. 

  • Hold managers accountable. 

One of the most important elements in carrying out a vision is accountability. Your managers must be able to be accountable for their role in making sure the employees are doing what they are supposed to, and their goals are being met. EOS assists by going through each of the tools to identify deficiencies in the management team that must be rectified, and helps to provide viable solutions for underlying issues. 

Using an EOS implementer would be a viable option in helping your business model come to life. Being able to maximize the return on your managers through a series of steps designed to eliminate the fluff and concentrate on the bottom line is key. No business can be successful without a managerial team in place that is committed to making the dream work. This takes the right people, mindset and variables in place that will strengthen and effectively manage the organization. Great managers can build great results. 

The Entrepreneurial Operating System identifies where your business is and helps point it in the right direction for where it wants to go. For more information on how the EOS model can assist your organization, contact a team member at Traction Inc. today!


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