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11 Dec Success-Driving Business Trends You Need to Know About

Posted at 1:49:37 PM by Chris Hallberg

While the core principles of smart business are constant, the best strategies for a thriving business change2016 Business Trends from year to year. As we get ready to head into the New Year, now is the time to embrace the trends that will allow businesses to seize success in 2016.


Embracing Millennials

Businesses and pundits need to quit complaining about Millennials and learn to embrace them. At 80 million strong, they're the largest group of both employees and potential customers for your business. And, they have different values and desires than generations that came before. To take hold of their enormous potential, you need to increase your understanding of this group and appeal to their priorities. This is a cohort that wants to work for and buy products from companies that they feel proud of; they want to make a difference. They place a high priority on authenticity. Make these priorities of yours, as well, and you can win their allegiance.


Building Success with Mentoring and Engagement

With more employees and contractors working outside the office than ever, employee development efforts can suffer. Nurture a culture of engagement and actively work to mentor those who work for and with you. This allows you to build a strong company culture with highly capable workers, whether they are in the cubicle next door or several states away.


Soaring Success of Service-Based Businesses

If you can add "as a service" to the end of it, it can be a success in the new year. Service-based businesses, ranging from accounting to CRM to outside sales companies, will continue to see success in the New Year. One of the main advantages of a virtual service based business is that it can be location-independent. This allows you to choose locations based on the best employees, the sturdiest infrastructure or the lowest costs of doing business.


Winning with a Culture of Customer Service

It is quicker and easier than ever for customers to share their experiences with others. This can be your worst PR or your best advertising. By offering the very best customer experience, you can turn your customers into passionate advocates for your brand. Examine every aspect of your process to see what you can do to make customers happier.

Diving in and catching the wave of these powerful trends requires that all of your team members row in the same direction. Harness their power and make it easier to work together through a powerful business management system like EOS. Reserve your free demo to see what this system can do for you and your organization.

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