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24 Aug 5 Signs that You’ve Found the Right Business Coach

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

Searching for Executive Business Coach in Denver

A great business coach can do a lot of good for your organization. They can turn around an ailing or low performing company, help a thriving company grow, and provide help in areas such as production, teambuilding, and employee morale.

Hiring a business coach is a serious investment so you want to be sure that you found the right one. You can’t really go by what works for other people. They have different business needs, perspectives, and goals. You have to evaluate and hire the one that meets your unique business needs. Sometimes it isn’t that easy to know for sure so we’ve streamlined the process for you. Here are five signs that you’ve found the right business coach.

They Understand Your Business

There’s that one thing that you want in any relationship – including business. You just want someone who “gets” you. That is what a business coach does, the get your business. They understand what how your business functions and what it needs in order to be successful. They understand the culture and the goals you’ve set, but they can look even deeper to see the goals that you need to be setting.

This requires a mix of experience, education, and intuition. They should be able to step onto your production line or sit behind your desk and get a real sense of what makes your business tick – and what would make it tick even better.

They Understand Your Industry

While understanding your business is important, understanding your industry is equally vital. Look for an executive coach who has previous experience in your industry. They have seen how it has changed over time and is familiar with any fluctuations or quirks that may be a common occurrence.

A coach with this quality can help get your company current with the latest technology and advances in your industry. They can help you identify trends that will move your business forward as well as things that may no longer be as relevant as they once were. In short, a good business coach can bring your business in line with the highest industry standards possible.

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They Have an Area of Expertise

A business coach who has a specific skillset that speaks to your business’ needs is extremely valuable. Whether you need expertise in marketing, finance, production, operations, or some other area, examine your goals and needs, then find a coach that has those particular skills. When you can make a match like that, it is golden.

It will take some assessments on your part, though, to determine what you may needs, then match it to coaches you are interviewing. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about their experience and any special training they may have in certain areas. You need to be as thorough as possible. After all, this is your livelihood.

They Have Proven Results

The old saying goes, “you judge a race horse by his track record.” That is especially true when you are evaluating business coaches. When you talk to them, ask pointed questions that encourage results driven answers. Do they have stories to share about other businesses that they have helped? Better yet, do they have any testimonials from satisfied clients? Client reviews can be very telling and give you great insight into the ability and character of the business coach you hire.

He or she should also have some lessons learned from previous clients. They should be able to show growth as they have discovered what not to do as well as best practices. Often, experience is the best teacher, but it is most valuable when there are documented lessons that come from it.

Meeting with Denver Business Coach

They are Easy to Talk to

As with any relationship, business or otherwise, chemistry plays a large part in whether or not it will work. When you hire a business coach, you are starting a relationship. It is important that the coach is personable and approachable. He or she needs to be able to ask the questions that get you to open up about the status of your business. You need to have a certain level of comfort when it comes to communicating openly and candidly. They should have a demeanor that allows you to say anything, share any reflections on your company, and discuss your goals and even dreams for your business. In other words, you need to be comfortable.

You may need to meet with them more than one time in order to determine this, although many people get a “gut sense” about a person when they first meet them. Ask them questions and gauge their demeanor as they answer. Inquire about their experience, their coaching philosophy, and their training then observe carefully as they answer. While their words are important, their body language is equally telling. If they are relaxed and open, their body language will reflect that. If they are evasive or cross their arms, that could be a red flag that they are not entirely forthcoming.

Take your time to evaluate potential business coaches in order to find the right one for you. It is worth the time and well worth the effort.

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