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12 Jun 5 Business Management Insights You Need to Know

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

In his breakthrough book, Good to Great, Jim Collins first introduced the concept of moving from a “Good business mangement systemCompany” to a “Great Company.” He and a team researched companies who consistently led their industries to see what they could learn. 

As an EOS Coach and a business execution expert, we apply these and other proven principles to move our clients from good to great. We suggest that you begin by creating a workplace people not only enjoy coming to work, they thrive on it! They can’t wait to get back from a long week-end to get help each other grow the company. 

We offer these five insights for business leaders who want to move their company to the next level:

Hire people who are a cultural fit 

We encourage our clients to hire people who are want to learn and grow with you. Make sure their core values are aligned with yours and reinforce what you stand for at every opportunity. 

Build a strong brand

We work with our clients on building a brand that lives up to their vision. Unless your brand clearly communicates what you stand for in the marketplace it is easily lost in the shuffle. Consider working with an EOS coach who has both the experience and expertise to help you develop a strong and lasting image that will carry your company in the future.

Focus on consumers & employees

It’s not enough to have good employees, you need them to understand the value of “putting the customer first.” Customer satisfaction is critically important to growing your business. Neglect one and both will fail. We love these time-tested rules for success in business: 

Rule Number One – The Customer Always Comes First

Rule Number Two – See Rule Number Two

Execution is more important than the idea

You can have the best idea in the world, but if it is not executed correctly, you have nothing. We define this as having the right people in the right seats doing the right things. It’s not enough to hire good people, you need to give them the tools and authority to get things done. 

Implement in an open and honest environment

Create and sustain an environment where everyone has accountability and develop a spirit of trust than honesty that permeates the entire organization – from top to bottom.


The EOS (R) system is designed to deliver Real Simple Results. It’s all about creating a strong vision, attracting and leading great people, measuring for success, identifying and implementing the key performance indicators (KPS’s), systemizing your business for consistent results and staying the course with Traction.

Give and EOS Coach 15 minutes and he will improve your company’s productivity.

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