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01 Oct The Ultimate Team Lead: Business Sergeant Mentality

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

So, you think you know what it means to be a business thought leader. You have a background in management, you've followed all of the right steps to get to the top of the ladder in your company. Perhaps you feel you can be doing more for your employees. Being a leader for your employees is more than just handing out orders. That's where business sergeant mentality comes in. This way of thinking will structure the way you handle your team so that you have a positive influence. Let's take a look at what it means to be a 'business sergeant' and how you can start applying these methods to your work ethic.

What's a Business Sergeant?

In the military, all soldiers are required to adhere to the firm, dedicated instruction of their sergeant. This means that they need to develop a new way to strategize, formalize, and equip themselves for making effective decisions that will impact them in a positive direction for the future. Business sergeant mentality relieves personal, emotional feelings towards a situation or goal and replaces these feelings with a healthy and motivational mindset towards the productivity of these goals. Whether a small or large business, you can't afford to lose clients or money based on poor work ethic and faulty decisions. While everyone will have an opinion on the progression of the business goals, all feelings can be safely put aside. 
In short, a business sergeant is being tactically and technically proficient in all that you do. It's a glorified level of leadership and business management and focuses on respecting their team as well as guiding. While it's a position that drives one to push for great achievements from their peers, they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty if needed. It's a type of mentality that most military front men use to develop successful and functional training methods for their troops top provoke direction and focus. Whether you're a business startup or a seasoned entrepreneur, you could always use this type of mentality in the business field. 

small-business-coach-denverHow is this Applicable in the Workplace?

Business Sergeant mentality thrives on 6 key elements that make up the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) for a successful outcome:
  • Vision: You and your team are on the page with what you're going to do and how it's going to be finished. 
  • Data: Cutting to the chase and getting down to business means leaving personal feeling and thoughts aside so the team can focus on the goal.
  • Process: Identifying the process that is needed to complete the project, keeping focus and on the same page. 
  • Traction: Everyone needs discipline and accountability with the team/projects. 
  • Issues: Tackling issues head-on and navigating towards solutions right away. 
  • People: Everyone is aware that great people make a great team and produce successful results. 
So, why is it important to develop this type of thinking as a business sergeant? Team productivity and results make for a functional working environment. While it's important to remain sensitive to the needs of others, EOS focuses on developing straight-forward results. 
Developing a business sergeant mentality can bring successful outcomes to your and your peers. Healthy relationships with peer employers start with the health mindset of a thought leader. When you're ready to explore new possibilities in the world of business as a thought leader, contact us today. 
  Download the Introduction to The Business Sergeant’s Field Manual 

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