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28 Aug Get the Right Business Structure the First Time Around

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

Structuring your business for optimum productivity should be a priority from the onset. It is much easier to give business advice on business structureemployees a clear set of directives and from the beginning and institute an environment that is collaborative and supportive than it is to have to undo established mindsets. This guide will help you create that attitude from the ground up and provide a solid foundation for your organization’s culture.

Structure your business in a way that allows for open communication.

By fostering good communication throughout the organization you are setting your business up for success. Keep an open door policy for upper management and encourage creative, open collaboration among staff. This will further each function of your business by enabling rapid decision making.

This type of structure also helps to build team morale and it encourages creativity. These are the very qualities that will propel you above your competition. Having a team that feels invested in the company will increase employee loyalty as each member of your team is heard and their concerns, ideas, and contributions are not only acknowledged but valued.

Ensure that there is a clearly defined chain of accountability.

In an organization a clearly defined chain of accountability or command is essential. Everyone needs to know who they report to and who handles which tasks. This keeps the company running smoothly and reduces confusion throughout the organization. Too many times businesses have poorly structured chains of command which undermines its success.

When employees don’t know who to go to for approval on certain items or to get answers – if they don’t have a clear understanding of who their supervising authority is – they often shut down communication. With communication breaks down, the company has little to stand on and inside processes begin to erode.

Give everyone a clear cut set of roles and responsibilities.

An organization cannot operate efficiently if there are not a clear cut set of roles and responsibilities for each staff member. When people don’t have clear job descriptions they tend to either take on too much or, worse, do nothing. People need to know what is expected of them.

It is essential that roles and responsibilities are clear for every seat in the organization. Expectations must be known throughout so that everyone at every level knows exactly what they are supposed to be doing to move the business forward.

A solid EOS system will help ensure that your business gets off to a good start by structuring it in a way that is conducive to success. An EOS business trainer will get you and your staff on the right page so that your company can have a strong start by implementing the right business structure the first time around.

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