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17 Sep Why would you want to tell the world your company runs on EOS®?

Posted at 4:26:46 PM by Chris Hallberg

EOS Worldwide recently released “We Run on Eos” Badges, how do we get one?

Proud companies that want the world to know they are a very well-run business with competent, engaged employees ready to serve, can now display a “We Run on EOS®” Badge on their website or with a window cling for their front door.

The badge conveys that potential clients should consider them more carefully, because they have done an incredible amount of work on their business, and that instills confidence that they would be able to deliver the goods to them on a high level, consistent basis.  

After a leadership team successfully completes their first Quarterly session with a Professional or Certified EOS Implementer® a company is then authorized to display the Badge.

So essentially, while it takes around two years to fully implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® you can get your Badge in about five to seven months from starting your EOS Journey with a Professional or Certified EOS Implementer® like myself.

EOS graduates are easily some of the best performing companies in your market, once considered a “Secret” that you would NEVER want your competitors to know about. Well, the cat is out of the bag, and that has changed due to the rapid growth of the EOS Community. (80,000 + Companies and around 400 EOS Implementers worldwide)

I’m sure there are still plenty of companies in stealth mode using the system with great success, but what I’m seeing now as the EOS Community explodes all over the world, is companies are now saying, who cares if they know, we are not scared, we’ve already done the work!

Now that so many more people know about EOS now, VS. just a few years ago these companies are using their commitment to the process as a huge differentiator of why you should choose them over another business that is not utilizing a proven Business Operating System like EOS.

It has certainly been my experience that once a company implements EOS, it’s often hard for them to deal with companies that are clearly not on the same page, even if they resemble their old self not so long ago….

I’ve made introductions between clients if there is an opportunity, and the client that needs something usually says something like, “Hey, Chris. Do you have any clients that are in this space? Can you refer them to me, I would prefer to deal with another EOS company, I can’t stand my current vendor, they just don’t get it!”


When you can display the badge, your clients and potential clients know that:

* You defined and fully communicated a vision of the future, that is shared by all.

* You have put the right people in the right seats. And the Get, Want and have the Capacity to do the job well

* You have data that increases visibility, accountability, excellence, and the correct recognition with the right scorecard numbers.

* You have the ability to solve business issues permanently at their core.

* You have the 20% that gives you the 80% when it comes to process, simple, effective tools to consistently execute well.

* You have real business traction. Your 90-day sprint executing the right strategic initiatives based on solid, practical 1Yr. 3YR. and 10Yr. Goals. Your meetings are powerful and move the needle, every time.


I’m sending out the badge files to all my active and graduated clients that qualify today, so I’m really looking forward to connecting with them, getting a check-in on how things are going, and remind them that while being super humble is usually the best plan, I’ll ask them not be too humble, please let the world know that you have earned it, after all, a prospective client might not know what the badge means, and that will give you an amazing opportunity to talk about how you are very different from the herd, and how they should be doing business with you for a very long time…

If you would like to learn how you can get your “We Run on EOS” badge for your company, please contact chris@tractioninc.com

For a complimentary informal consultation (15/30/60 min time slots available), or if you would like to bring this directly to your Leadership Team for consideration, please book the EOS 90 min meeting™

Schedule directly with Chris at https://calendly.com/chrishallberg

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