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17 Feb When Is The Right Time to Hire a Certified Small Business Coach?

Posted at 9:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

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Running a small business is an exciting but challenging endeavor. Small business owners get to forge their own path, but this often means sailing through uncharted waters. It is difficult to be an expert in all things, and you may not even know that hiring a small business coach could be worthwhile. 

As the saying goes, "you don't know what you don't know." The right small business coach, hired at the right time, can have a dramatic impact on your business and can help bring it to the next level. In this guide, we will help you understand when you should hire a small business coach.

What Does a Small Business Coach Do?

A small business coach is similar to a corporate management consultant in many ways. The coach's primary mission is to help the small business owner develop, evolve and refine goals, and then create a strategy for executing those goals. Coaches can also be useful as an objective and knowledgeable sounding board. You probably have lots of ideas, questions, concerns and plans for the future. A coach can be a trustworthy and reliable individual to bounce ideas off of. He can also provide the business owner with someone who is accountable when executing goals.

Choosing a certified small business coach is important if you want to get the most out of the experience. While there are lots of people out there that claim to be small business coaches or life coaches, the fact of the matter is that many of these individuals are simply not qualified to provide useful insight. At best, you won't get your money's worth with unqualified coaches. At worst, they will give you poor advice that ends up harming your business.

A certified small business coach has spent the time and effort to prove his knowledge and experience. He can offer unique insight and make you think about things you might otherwise miss. If you're going to spend money on coaching, make sure you start off on the right foot by choosing someone you know you'll work well with. 

Knowing When to Ask For Help

Many small business owners go into business because they want to chart their own path. Often, small business owners have a desire to be independent, which can make it challenging to ask for outside help. It is important to be humble and recognize when it is time to ask for help from an outside consultant.

If a small business owner fails to ask for help when needed, it can lead to all sorts of problems for the business. Often, companies will reach a plateau, which can take the form of stalled growth, disgruntled employees or clients, or any number of other issues that take away from the strength of the core business. 

There are typically pain points that occur that can ultimately be the catalysts for finding a coach. These pain points can include a variety of issues, such as too many days in a row without a day off, obvious gaps in knowledge that are having a direct impact on the day-to-day operations, a company that has grown too large to manage, or just a general lack of direction. Any of these pain points can lead to the need and ultimate decision to hire a small business coach.

How a Small Business Coach Can Help Your Business Grow

Small business coaches specialize in examining your pain points and helping you solve them strategically. In addition to solving the immediate problems at hand, coaches can teach you business lessons that will be applicable for years to come. 

Small business coaches will also let you be accountable and provide guidance as you execute changes to your business over months or years. Being accountable might not seem ideal, but it is often the best way to ensure that the right goals are executed properly. This also means that a successful coach will have a measurable impact on your company's bottom line, which will far outweigh the cost of consulting fees. One of the best ways to know if a small business coach has done his or her job is to compare your quarterly results from one quarter to the next. If the coach has done the job, it will be readily apparent. 

The Bottom Line

If you've been thinking about hiring a small business coach, chances are you are more than ready for the benefits that will result. If you are interested in hiring one soon, contact Chris today for a free consultation. You'll know very quickly whether Chris can offer your business the insight it needs to grow to the next level.


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