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21 Aug When Is The Best Time To Start EOS?

Posted at 3:58:42 PM by Chris Hallberg

I’m sure you have all heard when the best time to plant a tree is….20 Years ago! The next best time? TODAY!

It takes approximately two years to fully Implement EOS® or the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, so the best time to start was two years ago, second best time… TODAY.

If you have ever gotten as far as the EOS 90 Min Meeting with a Certified EOS Implementer, you would have learned that the Implementation starts out with Three foundational Learning days in the first 60 days before you go to a quarterly meeting pulse with your Implementer.

The first day is the Focus day™, where you lean some of the foundational tools , then you have a 30 day break to practice the tools with your leadership team before coming back to the session room for Vision Building Day #1™ , then another 30 day break designed for spaced learning, we get back together and complete the second Vision Building Day #2™. Then about 30 days after or so from VB2 that’s when most organizations launch EOS with their very first “State of the Company meeting called “The Speech”

The reason I mention this is there is an opportunity for companies considering EOS Implementation. Because of the timing of the system, if you were to book a Focus Day between now and mid-October, you would be in a position to be launching EOS right at the end of the year before the holiday break or right after everyone gets back from break, a perfect time to make big, lasting change in your company. Mentally it's a great time to start the process, as people are usually more open to a new things in a new year.

Why not get traction for the entire year of 2021 vs. having part of the year be similar in operations to what your team experienced in 2020? (can we just forget 2020 please….)

Usually before a business owner is ready to get the entire Leadership Team together for the EOS 90 Min Meeting, they like to schedule an informal consultation to ask lots of great questions about EOS and about the Implementer’s experience.

If you have been lurking in the shadows for a while, here is your chance to step into the light and finally learn what this would look like at your company. Please contact me on my website and we'll talk about how EOS can help your business perform at its highest level.

Check out this list of my clients that took advantage of the feee EOS Consultation and did truly amazing things with EOS!

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