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15 Jun What Does A Small Business Coach Do?

Posted at 9:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

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There are more than 5.7 million small business owners in the United States, and business coaches maximize their potential. Think of a small business coach like a teacher and a guide and a mentor all rolled into one. These professionals have strategic skills that take businesses to the next level. EOS Implementers — people with coaching skills who subscribe to the principles of the Entrepreneurial Operating System — take business coaching to the next level. Here's what you can expect when you hire one.

What Does an EOS Implementer Do?

An EOS Implementer is a business coach that can transform your small company. "EOS is made up of simple concepts and practical tools that can be easily applied in a fast-paced small business," according to EOS website. "There's no theory, no management fads – just basic, useful tools that help people get more of the right stuff done every week."

EOS coaches transfer their skills and knowledge to small business owners for more effective results in the workplace. They strengthen the six components of any business: vision, data, traction, people, issues and process. 

Here's what a business coach can do for your small company: 

Create a Vision

Most small businesses owners don't think about the future. This is just one of the reasons why around 66 percent of small companies fail in their first two years, according to the Small Business Administration. An EOS coach can help you create a vision — a long-term business strategy based on your short-term and long-term goals.

Perhaps you already have a vision, but it's not working. An EOS coach will analyze your current strategy, determine whether your goals are unrealistic and help you align your expectations with your objectives.


Once you have your vision, you need to execute your ideas and build momentum — or "traction." An EOS Implementer can help you out here. These trained business coaches use tried-and-tested techniques to turn your vision into a reality and facilitate your goals.

You can choose from personal or certified EOS Implementers to realize your business objectives. Personal EOS Implementers have completed a three-day boot camp and participate in quarterly collaborate exchanges with the EOS community. Certified EOS Implementers, on the other hand, have already worked with 10 or more clients, conduct at least 48 sessions a year and actively help the EOS community.


Keeping up with the latest market trends and business insights is a chore. A business coach will monitor the latest developments in your niche and suggest new methods for business growth. With the latest data insights, you can generate more leads, move customers through the sales funnel and improve sales. When you hire an EOS coach, you get an unparalleled, 360-degree perspective of your business.


Hiring the right staff is critical for your small business. Employee turnover is expensive — one-third of new hires leave their jobs after around six months — so you need to get it right the first time. EOS Implementers help you hire the best talent for your small business. They do all the hard work for you so you can focus on other areas of management.

As well as new hires, an EOS small business coach can restructure your workforce. This way, the right people will work in the right roles, something that could optimize business operations and save you money.


A business coach will let you solve problems in the workplace more efficiently. These coaches identify any issues that might hinder business growth and come up with viable solutions. "The complexity and uncertainty business owners have to manage has become — in many respects — extensive and extreme," says market research and consulting expert Russ Alan Prince, writing for Forbes. "To address these 'landmines' and 'icebergs,' business owners are turning to business coaching services."


Customer acquisition, billing, payroll, administration — these business processes are often cumbersome. Sometimes you don't have the staff or the resources to manage your small business effectively. An EOS Implementer will provide you with a solution. Small business coaches will streamline your business processes and make improvements to workflows. You could notice a huge difference in organizational effectiveness within weeks.

Why You Need a Small Business Coach

Research printed in the business journal The Manchester Review has shown the effectiveness of small business coaching services. One study suggests that business coaches improve relationships with reports by 77 percent, relationships with stakeholders by 71 percent, teamwork by 67 percent and relationships with peers by 63 percent. Moreover, coaching boosts productivity by 53 percent, quality by 48 percent and organizational strength by 48 percent.

Business coaches also provide you with a return on your investment. In one study, some companies received, on average, $7.90 for every dollar they spent on business coaching.

A small business coach will let you realize your goals and objectives. These professionals help you create a better vision, streamline business processes, hire the right people, resolve issues, use data and build traction.

Want to find out more about how an EOS business coach can assist your company? Contact Traction Inc. today and talk to Chris!

 The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) was created by Gino Wickman (Author of Traction-get a grip on your business) and is a registered trademark of EOS Worldwide. Chris Hallberg of Traction Inc. is a Certified EOS Implementer(tm) that helps business owners and their leadership teams get more of what they want from their business.  

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