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04 Mar The Right way to hold people Accountable in your organization

Posted at 11:03:03 AM by Chris Hallberg


In any business, the overall success lies within the people who are responsible for making sure the operations go smoothly. With this in mind, what does accountability really mean? In a business dictionary, it means “the obligation of an individual or organization to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner.” This is vital to your company because without accountability, there is no direction. Anything can happen and no one would be responsible for taking or ensuring action.

Management must lead by example

It’s important to lead by example. Accountability starts at the top. The leadership team must be accountable for all their employees. For example, the HR department is accountable for keeping employee files confidential. Ethics are an important part of this. For instance, the 2010 UK Code on Corporate governance requires all its chairmen to personally report on how principles have been applied, but a review of accounts of their FTSE 350 companies showed only 10% did so. This lack of due diligence contributed to a bad transaction, which contributed to a credit crunch.

This is a big example, but in corporations, a lack of accountability can be as small as leaders not being willing to fire disruptive employees. This causes a lack of trust and erodes morale within the company. A small business coach would immediately pinpoint these issues for evaluation.

Know the Roles and Expectations

There must be clear roles and expectations of each and every employee. This will ensure everyone knows their roles, responsibilities and what is expected of them. In order to be held accountable, management must make sure every employee has the tools they need to be successful. The EOS accountability chart™ is a great tool to help clarify this for your organization.

Utilizing the advice of a small business coach is essential in helping your business get on track. The EOS system is designed to assist your management team in learning the steps of accountability, and implementing those steps within your organization. For more information on the EOS system and the various steps that can help your organization, request a free 90-minute meeting with an EOS implementer to see what it would look like to run your organization on the EOS system.

Knowing how to hold employees accountable, and how this element can help your operations run smoothly and increase productivity is crucial to its development. Call the team at Traction Inc today to speak with a small business coach and properly position your company for success.


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