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20 May 3 questions to ask when building your employee business structure

Posted at 10:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

Having an effective business structure in place for your organization is crucial to its success. Knowing the steps employee business structure EOS Processto take when formulating your structure can make a tremendous difference in how your operations are run, the type of management team you have, what types of employees you hire, and how the overall vision will be carried out. It is important to understand how these steps work together to build a strong and cohesive business structure that can successfully move forward into the future. What questions should you ask to make sure you are using the right steps?

Does your organization structure foster good communication throughout the company?

This is an important question. The success of your organization is dependent on how your team and employees operate to carry out your vision. Everyone needs to be on the same page to know where you’re going and how you will get there. Good communication fosters rapid decision-making, which advances each silo of your business.

Does everyone know who they report to?

This is equally important. Every employee should have a clear line of who their immediate supervisor is to address any questions, respond to deficiencies and solve problems. This creates consistency throughout the organization and empowers both the manager and employee to take ownership of their role within the company. When these protocols are not set in place, it could have a negative effect throughout the company. Employees are confused, there is no direction, and the vision is no longer a priority.

Are roles and responsibilities clear from the beginning?

Having clearly defined roles from the very beginning is good leadership. This fosters communication, allows goals and objectives to be identified and disseminated, and helps your leaders become disciplined and accountable. When everyone understands their role, the execution of each component of your vision will function well together in a cohesive manner.

It is important to have a strong business structure with all the right processes in place to achieve the overall vision. Having a vision without the right people in place to carry out the processes you need to succeed will only set the business up for failure. Knowing how to integrate the EOS process and it's Six Key Components of a business structure: vision, people, data, issues, process and traction will ensure your vision is viable, your goals and standards are set, the right people are on board, and everyone works cohesively to move the company forward. Once you have a strong business structure in place, achieving organization and productivity within the company will be much easier to manage.

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