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07 Nov Should You Hire a Small Business Coach?

Posted at 10:15:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

Should You Hire a Small Business Coach?Running a small business can be both rewarding and challenging. One of the problems many small business owners often encounter is being so close to the goals of the company that they can't see how to look at them differently. That leaves them stuck in their old ways of thinking, and doesn't allow the business to move forward. That's not only unfortunate for the business owner, but it can even cause a business to fail and have to close up. By hiring a small business coach, you can explore new ways of looking at problems, so your company can be more likely to succeed.


Good small business coaches often use proven systems to achieve success, such as the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), which is a step-by-step process that has been used to take small business owners and their leadership teams to the next level. It helps provide managers and leaders with new ideas, so they can strengthen the six key components that are found in any business. By providing a comprehensive business management system, a small business coach who uses EOS can offer holistic business management tools and a process that's proven to align and synchronize all the pieces of a business. That allows any small business owner to move toward the results he or she is looking for.


If you want your small business to excel, it's time to consider hiring a professional implementer of the EOS system as your small business coach. Coaches can provide you with the skills to think differently, so you won't stay stuck in the same thought patterns that provided you with the problems in the first place. Unless your framework and frame of mind change, you won't have solutions that will work for you and for what your business needs. That is not only frustrating, but it can also lead to your business struggling more than it would have to. Rather than muddle through and hope that things work out, hiring a small business coach can quickly put you back on the right track.


Not seeing success with your own plans and goals for your small business doesn't mean your ideas are bad. The biggest issue might be your implementation of those ideas, which a small business coach can help you with. Having a subject matter expert who's outside of the business and can be objective can make a huge difference when compared to trying to implement new things on your own. A fresh pair of eyes and ears, and a fresh set of ideas, could be the perfect complement to the things you're already doing with your company. It's a very affordable way to infuse new life into your business.

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Chris Hallberg is one of 75 Professional EOS® Implementers across the nation; His passion is helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams get more from their business.  Chris is a seasoned business executive, entrepreneur, veteran, and leadership coach to several emerging companies across the nation. Contact Traction Inc. for more information on how to improve your business.

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