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25 Sep How to Know Your Small Business Coach Is a Smart Investment

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

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Unlike many other professions, almost anyone can call themselves a “consultant.” There are no federal, state or local licensing requirements and no specific laws governing the profession like there are for attorneys, doctors, CPA’s or even cosmetologists.

Yet, there is a huge difference between a consultant who simply prints a few business cards and one who undergoes specific industry training and becomes a Certified Business Coach. The consulting industry is extremely broad yet there are guidelines that every certified professional learns and incorporates into their business model. 

EOS implementers use a proven business management system that focuses on Real, Simple, Results. 

To qualify as a certified small business coach, Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) Implementers, must first present specific credentials documenting their experience in the world of business and then:

  • Complete a rigorous classroom training program
  • Participate in regular online training
  • Collaborate and learn from seasoned EOS implementers
  • Learn the EOS business management system in detail

As the most experienced implementers, Certified EOS Implementers actively work with 5 or more clients, conduct at least 30 consulting sessions each year and have an average session rating of 8.75 or above on a scale from 1 to 10. 

Why a Certified Small Business Coach is a Better Investment

Unfortunately, many people who call themselves consultants are actually learning the business on your time and your money. Certified small business coaches are thoroughly trained “in house” before ever engaging with a client. They learn a proven business management system and apply the principles of that system to each client situation. 

Clients are paying for results, not paying to train a consultant on how to do what they are hired to do – produce results! Certified business coaches understand the importance of establishing specific criteria for success and then delivering real measurable results against those criteria.

For example, a certified business coach will establish specific and measurable targets for increased profit, reduced overhead, lowered expenses and more. This allows the client to understand exactly what is expected and measure the performance of their certified business coach against established objectives. 

Small Business Coaches use a Business Management System

Using the proven EOS business management system clients gain control over their time, their money, their competition and their company. Running an emerging business is a demanding proposition, and business owners need all the help they can get as the world changes at warp speed.

To position themselves for continued growth, business owners must look outside the company for objective and qualified advice. EOS certified business coaches have the experience and training to deliver that advice and guide business owners to achieve their next level of business success.


Growing a business means increasing profits, adding employees and creating a lasting legacy of success. Working with a certified small business coach, business owners can reach their goals more quickly using the EOS business management system.


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