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15 Dec How to Build Your Company Culture

Posted at 12:00:00 PM by Chris Hallberg

How to build your company culture EOS Traction Inc

Your company culture is a major factor in whether great employees stay or leave for greener pastures. It can also predict whether your business will see consistent growth. Positive, nurturing and warm company cultures don't just happen. They are formed and nurtured. Ideals are explicitly stated and performance is analyzed to make sure that you stay on track. A few ways you can build and sustain a positive culture in your company:

Hire Based on Your Core Values

At Google, there is a strong rule about only ever hiring excellent candidates. The feeling is that candidates who are almost good enough will go on to hire ones that are mediocre. Eventually, it can hurt the health of your team. By always hiring the best possible people who best fit your company's values, you can ensure that you have the people you need.

Don't ever hire in a rush. If you need someone immediately, consider working with temps or contract workers while you find the right fit for a permanent employee. And, be open to questions from applicants. The discussions you have can help you better gauge whether someone is a good fit.

Take Stock of Those People

About once a year, sit down with each of your team members one on one for a review. Make this a real and honest conversation. Communicate about where you feel each of your employees is, where they have excelled and where they can use improvement. Be open to their ideas, as well, about how your company can support its core values.

Take Stock of the Company

Once a quarter, do a state of the company review. Review business from the last three months to see if the way that you are working upholds your core company values. Invite your clients to give their input on your services and products, as well.

During this process, be on the lookout for stories that exemplify the values you want for your company. Share the one that most clearly demonstrates what you feel your company is about. These clear examples ensure that your team members get credit and that everyone has an example of what to strive for.

Be Consistent

All of these actions must be performed consistently to ensure that your company culture stays vital and strong. Positive company cultures need to be consciously nurtured. By consistently keeping yourself aware of where the company is going and constantly striving for a workplace that emphasizes your best ideals, you can create a culture that helps your employees develop as professionals and that helps your business grow.


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