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01 Aug How To Become A Business Sergeant

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

Business coach and entrepreneur, Chris Hallberg, has spent more than 17 years helping others build a solid foundation for business success. Those in the small business entrepreneurial circles refer to Hallberg as the "Business Sergeant." He earned this title by creating a successful business philosophy that intertwines his elite military and law enforcement training into an effective and efficient business operating system.

Untitled design (4).pngHallberg saw the parallels between his life in the service and his goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He quickly realized without proper structure and systems, it would be impossible to build a successful business. This is when he realized that he could use the same tactics that helped elevate the U.S. military to the best in the world to create a prosperous business operating system.

What Makes a Business Sergeant?

Over the years, Hallberg has skillfully infused his military training into his business processes, creating what he refers to today as a Business Sergeant. He identified seven specific traits that every good military leader, as well as every good business leader, must have in order to achieve success. While possessing one or two of these traits is a good start, that only way to become a true Business Sergeant is to develop all seven traits.

These traits are:

1. Commitment

Anyone can become a true Business Sergeant if they are ready to put the time and energy into it. The truth is that without a solid commitment to your business endeavor, success is very unlikely. A commitment will not only give you the purpose and strength necessary to reach your goals, but it also will inspire your team to push forward.

2. Leadership

You cannot be an entrepreneur if you are not ready to lead. General Colin Powell once said," The most important thing I learned is that soldiers watch what their leaders do. You can give them classes and lecture them forever, but it is your personal example they will follow." This is true both in the military and in the business world. You must set the example that you want your team to follow.

3. Strong Culture Builder

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs and small business leaders make is to fill necessary positions within the company too quickly. Yes, you need these positions filled to run an efficient business, but rushing through the recruitment process and onboarding the wrong people can be detrimental to the overall success of your company. No matter how strong your leadership skills are, without a passionate and committed team behind you, your efforts could be useless. Remember, your business is only as strong as the team you build. 

4. Investment in Branding and Marketing

Branding and marketing must be at the core of everything you do. Without either one, your business is apt to fail. Keep in mind that branding and marketing are very different and that they each require a powerful and unique strategy. Your brand should focus on highlighting what makes your company stand out from the rest, whereas marketing should focus on prompting the consumer to take action and to purchase your goods or services.

5. Knowing Your Numbers

There has never been a time in the business industry when so much analytical information is readily available. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs fail to keep on top of this data or to use it when making vital business decisions. This is a huge mistake. Tracking numbers must take priority; otherwise, you will find yourself leading in a state of chaos instead of making smart business decisions.

6. Executing Your Vision

This may seem like a logical part of running a business, but many small business owners and entrepreneurs are great at coming up with ideas but lack the ability to turn these ideas into a reality. Proper execution takes time, planning and a commitment to follow through. Keep yourself and your team accountable for implementation of your ideas and the ability to meet goals.

7. Work-Life Balance

Even the military gives its soldiers time to go home to visit their families. This is because military leaders understand the crucial role families play in soldiers' lives. The truth is that family is often the inspiration, or that little force, that keeps you reaching to achieve more and to set higher goals. No matter how busy your schedule is, always be sure to set time aside to spend with those who matter most.

Now's the Time to Change Your Life

Hallberg has been transforming small business owners and entrepreneurs into Business Sergeants for more than 17 years. He is now ready to share his proven recipe for success with everyone willing to learn and commit to doing the work.

If you want to take charge of your life and find success as an entrepreneur or small business owner, becoming a Business Sergeant may be the right solution for you. Learn more about what a Business Sergeant is, get an in-depth understanding of the seven traits of a Business Sergeant, and learn how to develop these traits and transform your life, with Chris Hallberg's book, "The Business Sergeant's Field Manual." Pre-order your copy of "The Business Sergeant's Field Manual" today, and be ready to receive a comprehensive guide that literally has the power to change your life.

Download the Introduction to The Business Sergeant’s Field Manual 

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