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16 Oct How the Right Organizational Structure Leads to Increased Productivity

Posted at 11:45:19 AM by Chris Hallberg

Having the right organizational structure in place is beneficial to your organization in a number of ways. There Small Business coachingare a number of areas where your management team could benefit from an EOS operating system that will enhance the vision and lead to increased productivity. Accountability is an issue that occurs within all kinds of organizations. One of the main underlying issues that could be affecting accountability is the structure of your organization. If you don’t have protocols in place to hold individuals accountable, tasks and processes will fall through the cracks.

When there are problems within your organizational structure, you need to evaluate the following:

Are the right people in the right seats?

Making sure you have the right people on your team who are capable and can be held accountable is key.

Does each person know what they are responsible for?

Each person on your team should know and understand their core job responsibilities. This is an important part of the EOS process.

Does each role understand who they report to?

Every role within your organization has a function. Every person in charge should know who they report to and how their function works to aid the organization.

Are roles assigned unique KPIs that they are held accountable to?

Every function of the organization should have unique key performance indicators to correctly evaluate how the role helps the bottom line. Without this structure in place, there are no tangible goals, which leaves room for error and lack of accountability.

How EOS can help

The EOS process has an accountability chart that will help you delineate roles and processes that will work to put your organization on the right track. By using an EOS system coach, everyone will be on the same page, working toward the vision to enhance productivity and accountability.

When faced with these issues, getting an EOS implementer on board to help you assess your organizational structure can make a tremendous difference. Companies often find themselves in a situation where things are not going as planned, or revenues are down. In most instance, the problems that arise are internal, and can be rectified with a few changes. If you find your organization in this situation, consider a consultation from Traction Inc., where your company will become exposed to the Six Key Components needed to keep a viable business going. Once you have the tools, everything else can fall into place.

For more information on how we can assist and to become familiar with the EOS system, contact a team member at Traction Inc., today!

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