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18 Sep The 3 Skills Your Leadership Team Needs To Have For Success

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

In order to have a successful leadership team leading your organization you must have certain protocols in eos system leadership skillsplace. Using the EOS System, you will be able to strategize and apply the LMA system, which is Lead, Manage, and Hold Accountable. All of these elements must be in place for your team to effectively lead the rest of the company in carrying out the vision. Here are the reasons why: 


Being skilled at leading is important. You cannot lead people if you cannot take the lead in making things happen. This means working ON the business consistently for great results. If you don’t have a great leader in place, your supervisors won’t know what processes will make the company work, they won’t be able to guide the employees and the vision will not go forth. 


Effectively managing a company means working IN the business. You have to be aware of what’s going on at all times, be able to handle situations, know how to operate processes and keep others on task. Being a manager means knowing how to deal with others and the everyday situations that may arise. If you don’t have great management, no one will be able to see the vision and no one will know how to carry it out. 

Hold Accountable

Accountability is a bi-product of effective leadership and management. When management is held accountable, the vision is clear, the priorities are clear, expectations are clear and everyone’s roles are defined. This makes things easier in administering disciplinary procedures when tasks aren’t completed. When no one is held accountable, there will always be someone that can place blame where it is not supposed to go. Without accountability, employees can do whatever they want without repercussion.

Having an EOS system in place is not only beneficial, but can help position your company for success. It is a good idea to get the help you need from a certified business coach. 

Why would you need a certified business coach?

Working with a certified business coach can ensure your management team is aware of the vision, is adequately prepared to handle the vision, has the right protocols and employees in place, and is ready to move the vision forward. Without these elements, there is no way the company will be able to thrive.

For more information on utilizing an EOS system and how the 6 Key Components of running a successful business can help your organization’s growth, contact the team at Traction Inc. today!


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