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22 Dec Company Culture: Do You Have the Right People Working for Your Company?

Posted at 3:30:00 PM by Chris Hallberg

Business coaching do you have the right people working for your company

Good business strategy involves assessing all the components of your organization to see how each one fits into the overall goals and objectives. This also includes the people that work for your company. In addition to having a vision in place, the leadership team should have a core value structure that will establish the culture and shape the mindset of the entire organization to ensure you not only have the right people working for your company, but they are committed in helping drive its success.

How will you know if you have the right people working at your company?

There are a few indicators that will help you assess whether or not certain employees fit into your company’s vision:

  •        Common goals

Do your employees care about the objectives of the company? What are their values? How do they feel they fit into your organization and are they productive enough to aid in its future success?

  •        Dedication

Are these employees dedicated enough to go the extra mile? Are they interested a career with your company or do they view their position as just another job?

  •        Work Ethic

You will be able to tell whether or not certain employees are a good fit after a certain period of time through their work ethic and productivity. How do they treat your customers? How do they treat and work with the other employees? All of these factors play a role in the employee assessment process.

These indicators will tell a lot about the types of employees working for your company, but the management team should have a hand in ensuring the core values are at the center of its employee structure. The hiring process should reflect the company’s values and should be an integral part of the selection process. There should be specific questions asked to determine whether or not they will fit into your company’s culture and alert the candidate as to what will be expected of them.

The management team has to make sure every employee is recognized, rewarded and terminated based on these values. This is a strategic way in retaining those employees that produce positive results while eliminating the ones that demonstrate they will not work. It is important to make sure the entire organization understands the values of the company and how important they are. There should be a concerted effort to continuously remind the entire staff of these values through company-wide communications, marketing efforts and leading by example.

Placing your values at the forefront of the company’s operations will help you not only meet your objectives, but provide a foundation for long-term success.

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