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19 Jun How can business to-do’s drive success?

Posted at 10:23:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

The primary step to success in any business endeavor is a clear vision. You must know where you are going Certified EOS Implementorbefore you can take steps to get there. Once you have that vision—that peak that defines success for your quarter—use company to-do’s to get there. To-do’s aren't the literal foot and handholds that get you up the mountain. They are the figurative footholds: the top three to seven priorities for your business right now that make up your to-do list.

Choosing Your To-Dos

Begin each quarter by choosing a set of to-dos that will drive your organization—whether it's the entire company, a department, or a single team—forward. Schedule a meeting and invite critical players within the organization, and don't be afraid to spend time diving deep into organizational trends, needs, and desires. Ask your team: What are the things that really need to be done but always end up taking second chair to the day-to-day operations and fires? Use those thoughts to begin mapping out important to-do items. 

Setting a Timeline

Set a timeline for completion of to-do lists. You don't begin a mountain ascent without some idea of when you plan to hit the peak—without a time commitment, your to-do list can easily be shuffled to second priority over and over. Choose a time at the end of the quarter or a few days into the next quarter—ending the quarter with accomplishment bolsters your chance at next quarter's to-dos. 

Delivering Results

Create a virtual to-do sheet that can be accessed by everyone on the team and put someone in charge of it. A project manager or certified EOS implementer can track to-dos, review metrics daily, and keep everyone on track to enhance success at the end of each quarter. The individual managing the to-do list doesn't have to manage the actual processes—instead, he or she acts as a sort of traffic cop between all the moving parts related to your rocks. He or she makes sure communication lines are open, reminds others of upcoming milestones, and checks in with various parts of your organization on a regular basis to keep your to-do list in the minds of staff.

Consider setting a quick weekly meeting to ensure productivity, and always set a final meeting at the end of the quarter to deliver results and begin the process for the next period. 

Rinse and Repeat

Begin with new to-dos each quarter. Just as you would climb a mountain one foothold at a time, you can achieve organizational success one rock at a time. Repeat the process each quarter, and you'll see drastic improvement over the course of the year. 

The EOS system provides a set of tools and principles that help your business succeed. The tools use your vision as a starting point and simple, practical guidelines as the ropes and gear to get you up the mountain of your choice. A certified EOS implementer can offer guidance on using the tools to bring your organization to peak productivity and success.

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