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07 Aug How to Build a Leadership Team You Can Be Proud Of

Posted at 9:23:38 AM by Chris Hallberg

In business, the very best leadership teams always say what’s on their mind. It’s always important for the Business management system for team leadershipmanagement team to get all their ideas, frustrations and problems on the table so they can be addressed, dealt with and solved. 

How can this occur?

Your management team must have certain traits in place to keep your organization successful. A few of these traits include: 


When you have the right business management system in place, there will be one company vision. When everyone is on board, things run more smoothly. With no vision, there is no clear direction and path for progression. A vision outlines what you want to accomplish, the steps you need to take and how you will carry them out. 


Making sure your team has clear objectives and benchmarks with total accountability makes a difference. Good leaders are accountable for their actions and how they interact with others. Having autonomy and responsibility for positively contributing to the organization is key in moving things forward. 


Good leaders are not afraid to take initiative. Taking the initiative to do the things that need to be done helps contribute to the vision and moves the company forward. Leaders who take initiative have a vested interest in the organization and are willing to go the extra mile, time after time. 


A strong team has leaders that are not afraid to speak up, voice any concerns and be honest about any issues that are taking place. This leadership includes total transparency and the ability to guide others in seeing the vision.

These are the innate traits that can help the leadership team progress. Using an EOS system that can provide solutions-based elements and maintain consistency. 

What is an EOS system?

The EOS system is a business system that integrates business tools and a proven process to help your management team get on the same page. This is done through three elements: Vision, Traction and Healthy. Here’s how it’s done:

  • The VISION assists in getting your leaders on the same page, buying into the overall vision of the organization by understanding who you are, what you do, where you want to go and the steps you need to take in getting there.
  • TRACTION helps your leaders become disciplined, taking accountability for their roles and actions while consistently executing their tasks well to achieve the vision. 
  • The HEALTHY component helps your management team become functional and cohesive, maintaining healthy relationships with each other and the other employees of the organization. 

You can learn all about getting your leadership team together with Traction, Inc. For more information, call the team today!

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