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03 Jul Business Management System for company culture is more important than ever

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

If you are a business owner looking for talented people, it probably comes as no surprise to learn that Business-management-system-for-company-cultureaccording to Pew Research, “millennials” now make up almost 54 million of the U.S. workforce, making them the largest generational group. A formal business management system from the developers of the EOS System is now more important than ever. What you “stand for” as a company is very important to this large group of American workers. 

Your company’s vision, mission, culture and reputation are no longer “nice to have.” For these workers, these attribute are fundamental elements of “why they come to work in the first place!” What you stand for as an individual and as a company means a lot to them.

Unlike previous generations where money drove everything and loyalty was expected, this generation has a different view of the world.

How Things Were in the Past and How They Are Today

Job security used to be the #1 element when considering a career. Employees were looking for a company they could stay with for a long time and they would not have to be looking for a new position on a regular basis. Working with an EOS Implementer, you can create a formal business management system and an EOS system that considers both the past and the future.

Millennials grew up in a time of financial prosperity and their skills on in demand. They know that they can easily find another position with another company and will move to the company where they feel most comfortable. They want a company that values their contribution and understand how important culture, community and a sense of belonging are to them. They want to be part of a “winning team” and will do what it takes to make that happen. 

Many may not understand this about this generation, but they are less about “me” and more about the “team.” They want to work in an environment that is interesting, challenging and rewarding. 

Flexibility is a “Fundamental Right”

One thing that is important to them is the company’s willingness to adapt to their life styles. They may want to work flex hours. They may need time off for child care or even want unscheduled vacations to “wind down and recharge.” The employers who understand this mentality and are willing to offer flexible hours and scheduling will do very well with this generation of workers. 

Millennials Value Professional Development

Professional development is perhaps one of the most important aspects or the working environment that millennials want. They spent a good deal of time and money developing their skill sets and then want to know they can stay on the cutting edge in their field of endeavor. This may seem a bit threatening to an employer, but it is important that you recognize this need and respond to it accordingly by helping them develop their skills.

Company Reputation Important to Them

Millennials began “traveling in groups” when they were in high school and so how they appear to their groups is important to them. They like to work for companies who are well respected in their markets and communities. They are likely involved in community based activities and this can work to your advantage if they see you and your company as leaders in the community. 


A certified EOS implementer elements of a formal business management system and components of the EOS System can help you created the lasting culture millennials want and one that will sustain your business for many years to come.

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