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13 Oct Business Coaching Advice: The Importance of Building Systems

Posted at 2:21:07 PM by Chris Hallberg


In every organization, there needs to be order. This comes from having effective systems in place that will keep things running smoothly. Learning the process for building business systems is key in the development of your organization.

Why Would I Want to Build a Business System?

There are a number of reasons why you should want to have a business system in place:

1. Building Business Systems Will Bring Out the Best in Employees

When companies have inefficient systems in place, it hinders the productivity of your employees. A great employee working with an inefficient system is not only an inefficient and ineffective employee, but you are essentially paying for an employee to do work they cannot fully accomplish. This leads to high turnover rates and lack of confidence within your organization.

2. Well-constructed Business Systems Reduce Employee Stress Levels

Broken systems can result in missed deadlines or substandard work. This can cause stress among your employees because although they may want to do a good job, the lack of effective systems in place is hindering their productivity. This is an issue that starts from the top down, and can cause chaos throughout the organization.

Knowing how to improve your organizational efficiency is an important component of great leadership. Soliciting business coaching advice can assist in getting your company back on track. Explore the organizational checkup to see what areas you need to focus on first.


3. Building Business Systems Allow You to Stop Micromanaging

No employee wants to be micromanaged, especially if they are good at what they do. Poorly constructed systems can result in employee frustration, which leads to high turnover rates and a bad reputation within the industry. Having a properly constructed system will eliminate the need to check in on employees with every single deliverable, which frees up your schedule and the schedules of upper management to focus on what counts – moving the company forward.

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4. Building Business Systems Will Reduce Employee Turnover

No company wants excessive turnover. It is costly and does not give your organization a favorable image. Poorly constructed systems can often result in increased frustration among employees, and a high turnover rate. If you are currently experiencing high turnover, here is some advice on how a business coach can reduce employee turnover.

A good business system is not just for the employees, but for management as well. Everything starts from the top – managers should have a business system to follow so they can be held accountable for what happens within their departments. If they have no blueprint to follow, how can they guide their employees to do what they need to be successful? Many companies go through these issues because they do not know where to begin.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a great starting point for building business systems. It partners you with a business coach that will identify all the pain points within your organization and help your management team learn how to implement tools and methods to succeed. You can begin with the free EOS Organizational Checkup to find out your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

What is the EOS?

The EOS is a business system that integrates a holistic business model with a set of simple business tools and proven business processes to produce the results you want. It works in any industry, with any organization. You will accomplish three things:

1. Getting your management team to focus on the vision of your organization

With this system, you will be able to identify who you are, what you do, where the company wants to go and how you are going to work together to get there.

2. Helping your management team become disciplined and accountable for their actions and the actions of their employees. 

This system will show them how to execute on a consistent basis to do things well and work together to achieve the overall vision.

3. Your management team will learn how to become a healthy, functional leadership team that moves cohesively in everything they do. 

One of the main problems that exists in organizations is that their leadership team does not function well together as a team. Everyone has their own agenda; this system works to curtail that and put everyone on the same page.

Getting the right business coaching advice is fundamental in establishing the right path for your organization. Having your core systems in place and working well all contribute its success, now and in the future. No organization can work well without having a vision, the right people, being able to identify the issues that are hindering you, good processes and accountability. These elements will not only help you become profitable, but will assist in keeping you that way.

How important is the success of your organization to you?

A great indicator of the success of an organization is how the leaders view it. If there is no cohesiveness, and there are no processes in place things need to change. When the leadership team works together and formulates a winning strategy, the company is able to implement the vision and properly plan for the future. The key is in identifying your goals, crafting your objectives, and having a business coach to demonstrate effective ways in attaining them.

Contact us to schedule a free business coaching consultation to see where your organization is failing and to learn how to begin building business systems that will help scale your business for success. Getting to where you want to go takes a little work, but with the assistance of a business coach, you will get there!


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The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) was created by Gino Wickman (Author of Traction-get a grip on your business) and is a registered trademark of EOS Worlwide. Chris Hallberg of Traction Inc. is a Certified EOS Implementer(tm) that helps business owners and their leadership teams get more of what they want from their business.