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26 Mar 6 Signs it’s Time to Break up with your Business Coach

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg


Hiring a business coach is often a great move that can help you break through boundaries and reach new goals. Forbes states that a good business coach can not only help you reach goals but can help you increase your self-awareness, improve existing strengths and build productive relationships. Unfortunately, there are some relationships that don't always work out. There are several signs that indicate it may be time to break up with your current business coach.

1. There's a Personality Clash

Sometimes your personality just doesn't mesh well with another person. This doesn't necessarily mean that either of you have done anything wrong or even that the individual isn't a good coach. It's important to feel comfortable with your coach so you'll be able to confide in this person and trust his or her advice. When it comes to things as important as your time, money and your business you need to find someone you connect with.

2. There's a Lack of Professionalism

It's important to establish guidelines when initially hiring your coach. This would include what is considered a timely manner in which to respond to your calls or emails. Someone who consistently shows up late or cancels is not someone you want making decisions that will affect the future of your business. You may think finding a coach who is both professional and experienced is too expensive, but good business coaches can pay for themselves.


3. Their Heart Isn't Into It

Any type of coach, including a business coach, should have passion for what they're doing. Confidence and enthusiasm are necessary ingredients for a successful business coach. Entrepreneur states that if your coach is consistently distracted this is a clear sign that you need to make a change. Whether you're looking for a business coach in Denver or elsewhere, you want to find an individual who has the passion and drive to help you reach your fullest potential.

4. Outrageous Promises or Too High Expectations

If a coach promises you'll double your revenue in 30 days or less, this should be a huge red flag. A coach can't guarantee you'll make a certain amount of money or reach a sales quota. A coach can, however, help you develop goals and arm you with the tools and techniques to reach them. A great coach will help you develop your strengths and overcome obstacles. It's also important to be wary of coaches that overwhelm you with expectations that are simply too high. A coach should be lessening your stress, not adding to it.

5. You're Not Making Progress

While it's unrealistic to expect drastic changes to occur overnight, after a few months there should be some progress made. A coach should help you reach measurable goals and milestones. A good coach will also provide you with the tools and advice to reach them. A great coach will implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to help you make real progress and reach your goals. EOS® provides simple tools that work together to align every aspect of your business. Learn more about how EOS® can work for you.

6. You've Outgrown Them

Most working relationships aren't meant to last forever. A coach should help you reach goals, develop strategies and implement better behaviors. If these things have occurred it's probably time to evaluate if the coach can take you further or if you've gone as far as you can with this particular individual.

When looking for a business coach in the Denver area Chris Hallberg with Traction Inc. brings 24-years of professional experience in fields such as sales, marketing, military and public service. If you're looking for excellent small business coaching and consulting contact Traction Inc. for more information.

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