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13 Feb 5 Lessons From a Small Business Coach

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

When assessing your organization, is important to know and understand the advice given from a small small business coach advicebusiness coach. This could help put your business in the right position to change the mindset, the processes, and the bottom line. Here are a few lessons to remember:


Create a Positive Company Culture

It is important to create a culture where your employees feel as if they are valued. This includes establishing employee incentives and professional development plans to foster a sense of job security. This improves the level of loyalty, productivity and engagement throughout the organization.


Get the Right People in the Right Seat

Your organization must have the right people in the organization. Before hiring someone, you must assess whether or not they fit into the company culture, and will they work within their greatest skill set and passion to move the company forward. Every role must be clearly defined so employees will know the expectations of the organization.


Build a Leadership Team You’re Proud of

Make sure the right traits are in place for your management team. These traits include vision, accountability, initiative, and communication. Without these traits, your team cannot carry out the initiatives of the organization, which will start to affect every area of the company.


Delegate effectively

Delegation is crucial in the success of your organization. To successfully delegate, the team must have six strong key components: vision, people, data, issues, process and traction. All of these components work with each other to keep the organization running smoothly. Each component has its own level of importance in the overall process. If one of these components fail, the model does not work at optimal levels.


Improve your cash flow

Your team must take a look at the following areas within the organization to improve the processes: Invoice generation, credit checking and order fulfillment. These are all areas crucial to the health and continued development of the organization that make a difference.


This is why it is important to hire a small business coach who utilizes the EOS system to evaluate and get your management team in order. Having a system in place that can assess, pinpoint and provide your organization with the tools needed to rectify the health of the organization is key. Getting your company on the right track should be a high priority. Using the EOS system can quickly improve the health of your organization.

For more information on the EOS system and how a small business coach can utilize this model to assist your organization, contact Traction Inc. today!


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