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17 Sep 5 Elements of Quality Leadership

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg

Quality leadership is necessary not only to keep a company afloat, but to encourage growth and forward movement. Ideas about what makes a strong business leader have changed over the years. But many entrepreneurs, managers, and even employees are still stuck on some of the outdated, unproductive ideas of the past. Intimidation and scare tactics to motivate employees, hiding all the big conversations behind closed doors, and not allowing for flexibility in the workplace - these are all old-world management styles that are based in fear, not true leadership. This outdated leadership style simply can’t compete with genuine, human-oriented leadership. So, what are the main elements every leader should have?

1. Align Actions with Values

Holding yourself and your employees to a high standard of honesty and integrity sets a positive tone throughout your entire company. Leaders need to be trusted by the people that work for them.
When employees understand and see leaders demonstrating company values,they naturally fall into rhythm with them (or make their way to another company). In a values-based environment, people are more willing to admit their mistakes, communicate openly, and give coworkers the benefit of the doubt when problems arise. Establishing a values-centric workplace as a leader is a great way to establish your company’s reputation and earn respect from your employees.
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2. Understand Your Strengths - and Weaknesses

When you’re in a leadership position, it can be humbling to admit your weaknesses. But leaders who are able to do it are not only more respected, but more likely to change and grow continuously. Strong leaders know that they themselves need leaders, which is why most opt for some kind of business mentorship.
Good leaders aren’t afraid to ask for help, and they're self-aware enough to know when they don't need help. Employees can be inspired by a leader who is vulnerable and transparent.

3. Zoom Out - See the Big Picture

By understanding your business’ goals and general path forward, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to make decisions. Seeing the big picture allows you to be a better leader because you won’t be so quick to pick at all of the little things that don't deserve your attention. Of course, small tasks and achievements make up the bigger picture itself. But by keeping your eyes on the end goals, a small roadblock along the way won’t bring you down or distract you. When your employees see that, they'll trust your vision and be patient in pushing forward.

4. Be Confident

There’s a difference between being confident and arrogance. The best leaders have courage paired with confidence. That doesn’t mean they think they have all the answers. When you’re able to have the confidence to make important decisions and do what’s best for your company, you’ll succeed.
Doing so with the right attitude toward your employees will make an even bigger difference. They’ll look up to you, instead of rolling their eyes at your self-absorbed attitude.

5. Fortify Your Team

Great leaders know how to put together equally great teams. This starts with recruiting people that align with your brand values, and continues by letting those employees’ unique skills shine. As a leader, keep in mind that the longevity of your business depends on the team you put together. Using the other elements listed in this article can help you put together the perfect group for a successful business. A leader with a tight-knit team and a solid business model is unstoppable.

Becoming a Better Leader

Becoming a better leader for your business doesn’t happen overnight. You also don’t need to run a million dollar company to have the resources to lead better.
If you’re still stuck on the leadership strategies of old, there's always a chance to transition into new, more effective patterns. Get in touch for further business coaching. We can give you the tools and resources needed for your team to respond positively to your leadership.

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