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05 Mar 5 Business Coach Myths That Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

Posted at 8:00:00 AM by Chris Hallberg


If you've set out to create a great business, you understand how difficult the road to success can be. Many people with entrepreneurial spirits, though, have recognized the fact that a business coach can increase their likelihood of building a thriving company. If you’re looking for a small business coach in Denver, your research has likely given you a lot to work with. Unfortunately, there are several business coach myths out there that could derail your success. In fact, you must avoid the following myths at all costs.

1. Only Underperforming or Problem Employees Need Coaching

The idea that business coaches are only beneficial for problem employees is one of the most pervasive myths out there. In reality, even your best-performing workers can improve with business coaching. Maybe they’ve become complacent and aren’t reaching their full potential. Maybe they’ve just hit a mental brick wall in their development.

The truth of the matter is that nearly half of all business coaches are now hired to help develop employees with high potential. This is a far cry from simply bringing in a coach to weed out bad apples or help failing employees.

2. Business Coaching Only Focuses on Business

When seeking out a business coach in Denver, you’re likely under the assumption that you’ll find someone who will focus on your business. That’s a completely reasonable assumption, but business coaches also do much more than that. You have to remember that you and your business are essentially a single being.

If something affects you, it affects the company, and the opposite is true as well. Your business coach will look at you as a whole and help you through any difficulty that’s causing trouble with your company.


3. Successful Entrepreneur = Successful Business Coach

Your main goal in seeking a business coach may be to find someone who’s already been successful in your industry. Unfortunately, succeeding in an area doesn’t necessarily mean someone will be a good coach. Instead, find someone who uses a system that transcends industries.

Traction Inc., for instance, utilizes the Entrepreneurial Operating System® so that businesses in every industry can benefit from coaching. There are six key components in the system along with 20 simple tools that aren’t specific to any given industry.

When it comes down to it, a business coach who can help any company succeed is preferable over an industry-specific expert with restricted experience in coaching.

4. Business Coaches Will Tell Me What to Do

It would be great if someone could sit down and just tell us exactly what we needed to do with our business. In reality, that’s never going to happen. Fortunately, business coaches do act as guides to help entrepreneurs discover and understand their options. Once these options are obvious, it becomes simple to choose the direction that works for your life and business.

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5. My Employees Will Change Without Coaching

One of the biggest reasons companies hire business coaches is to help during transitional periods. Whether it’s new management and new rules or simply the replacement of an old system, businesses trust coaches to make the process go smoothly.

Then again, some business owners believe their employees will be motivated by change. In reality, studies consistently show organizational resistance to any type of change. This occurs even if better efficiency would result. You might think you have the best employees in the world, but you can’t fight human nature.

Finding a small business coach in Denver can be a simple task, but finding the right business coach is a different story. You need someone who has proven successful in not only in business — but also in teaching others to succeed in their fields. Fortunately, knowing the truth about these common business coach myths gives you a distinct advantage. Learn more about how coaching can help your business by contacting Traction Inc. today.

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