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20 Nov 3 EOS System Secrets to Strong Leadership

Posted at 3:34:16 PM by Chris Hallberg

There is no doubt that a well-implemented EOS system will help you get what you want from your business. IfDollarphotoclub_79620754.png
 you are familiar with the EOS methodology, then you know that the secret sauce of strong leadership has three ingredients known cohesively as LMA – Leadership, Management, and Accountability. These three ingredients are a formula of sorts that work together to create an optimal environment for getting the most out of your business. See, when you combine leadership with management, you get accountability (L + M = A).

It is vital that you know how to manage these three elements, these EOS system secrets, and utilize them to their highest potential. This is how you do it.



There are many people who think that to lead and to manage are one in the same. They are wrong. Leadership has a completely different skillset from management. Leadership is about the people. It is about inspiring your employees, motivating them, helping them see the vision of the company and inciting excitement and desire to see that vision through. Leaders work on the business. They are the designers, the thinkers, the planners, they have a vision. They provide clear direction to their people and create openings for them. Leaders make the dream seem attainable. 



Management is more about the business. It is about getting the work done, providing direction for employees to follow that will promote the business with an emphasis on the bottom line. If leaders make the dream seem attainable, managers make the dream a reality.

Managers work in the business. They are the builders, the doers. Where leadership is envisioning, management is execution. They communicate well, by clarifying expectations and setting directives that will get the job done. 


Hold Accountable

Accountability is the end result of the specific jobs that leaders and managers do. When things go wrong or assigned work does not get done, many people will pass the buck. They don’t want to be held accountable for their choices, especially if those choices lead to failure or a negative outcome. Often those in supervisory positions will try to use reward and punishment systems in order to spur their people into action and make them more accountable.

This course of action rarely works. However, when you combine leadership and management, the results are vastly different and much more positive. When you implement the unique skill sets of the leader, combined with the unique skill sets of the manager, the accountability just naturally flows. It is the magic formula that really isn’t magic at all – its just good business.

LMA is indeed the secret ingredient that will propel your EOS system. Good managers know what it is, but great managers will embrace it, implement it, and develop it to fit them. It is what your business needs to excel. 

How is your team using LMA? If you aren’t yet using it, what steps are you taking to integrate it into your business practices? What is your anticipated outcome?

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